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We are a coaching, tutoring, and writing/editing services company dedicated to building skills, community, and inspiration.

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We are an in-person and online space for support, connection, and resources.



Our education-based services will help you professionally, personally, and creatively.


Using our services and resources will help you maximize your potential.


coaching seSSIONs

Our focus is fully-immersive, personal and affordable coaching services that help you with both writing / professional goals and personal goals.

content writing

We create personable and articulate writing to strengthen SEO, brand voice, and engagement.

tutoring seSSIONs

Tutoring services are available for all ages, and both locally (San Diego area) as well as online / remote (through internet and video chat services).


Our editing services are focused on building trust developing relationships. We provide personalized, constructive, and in-depth feedback alongside you.


Working with Be A Light Collective
was a pleasure from the start. Marisa Donnelly [Founder] was insightful, intuitive and her views gave me a different perspective. This helped to shed light into my situation allowing me to work through my challenges feeling supported each step of the way. She's easy to talk to and very friendly,
I would wholeheartedly recommend.

Micha Koren


Marisa assisted with a resume overhaul. She was very easy to work with, responsive, met all deadlines and offered insightful feedback. Her point of view, which was entirely outside of my industry, actually enabled us to produce a resume that targeted key points without penning them within a singular industry. Best of all, she always kept things upbeat.

Giovanni Cosetti


Be A Light Collective is founded by an incredibly gifted and authentic person. A community you want to be part of, and a company that I am excited to watch bloom.

Natalie Esarey


I wouldn't be able to call myself 'writer' without the help of Marisa Donnelly. She's the reasons behind my success when it comes to writing. She extended her help and even gave me wonderful tips on how to improve my skills. She's not just your editor but also your friend.

Martin Manuel

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