What is 'Be A Light'?

‘Be a light’ means finding your voice, your passion, and your skills, and spreading that spark to everyone and everything you encounter. This is the foundation of  our company — to help people find their own light through our personal, unique, and fully-customizable online + in-person services.
Be A Light Collective - About

We don't just want to help you, we want to invest in you and build a relationship.

What makes us fundamentally different than any other coaching program, editor or education service is that we believe connections are the core.  We focus on getting to know you outside of our scope of professional service. We will also welcome you to our online community and give you a space and platform to share your work.

Meet Our Founder:

Marisa Donnelly is a writer and editor, licensed teacher and writing coach, Midwest gal with a California heart, a bonus mom to a sweet eleven-year-old boy. She’s passionate about sharing her story authenticity, vulnerability, and a “brightside” approach (and helping her clients do the same).

In addition to founding Be A Light Collective, she is also the founder of Donnelly’s Daily Apple (a homeschool program in San Diego, California), founder of Momish Moments  + co-founder of Step By Step Parents (platforms dedicated to providing resources to parents and empowering non-traditional parenting journeys).

To learn more about Marisa and get connected with her, check out her website.

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