How To Live Slower & Appreciate Life More

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The paradox of modern life is that, even though new technology is always being developed to save us time, we utilize that time to accomplish more and more activities, making our lives faster-paced and busier than ever. We desire to live slower, but life seems to fly by before we have a chance to appreciate it!

It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

Making time to enjoy your mornings rather than rushing out to work is a sign of living a slower-paced existence. Instead of constantly being tethered to a phone or laptop, it means taking the time to enjoy whatever you’re doing, appreciate the outdoors, make your home how you want it, even on a budget, and genuinely focus on whoever you’re talking to or spending time with.

Here are some tips for how to live slower:

Start By Doing Less

When you are attempting to do a million things at once, it is difficult to slow down. Instead, decide to take on fewer tasks. Let go of the rest and concentrate on what is truly crucial and urgent. Make sure there is the time between tasks and appointments so you can go through your days more slowly. 

Focus On Really Being There

If you’re trying to live slower, telling yourself to simply ‘slow down’ won’t cut it. You also need to pay attention to what you’re doing right now. Therefore, whenever you are considering something that needs to be done, something that has already occurred, or something that might happen… Bring your awareness back to the present moment slowly. Don’t think about anything but now.

Prioritize People

We spend far too much time with friends and family without actually being present. While talking to them, we are interrupted by technology. Even though we are there, our thoughts are elsewhere. We pretend to listen while truly considering ourselves and our next move. Although none of us is immune to this, you can intentionally turn off the outside world and focus just on the person you’re with. This means that spending a little time with your family and friends can have a big impact. This is also a far better way to spend your time.

Get In Nature

Most of us spend our time inside our homes, offices, vehicles, and transportation systems, rarely having the opportunity to leave. People frequently use their cell phones even when they are outside. Instead, set aside some time to walk outside and truly study nature, breathe in the clean air, and savor the tranquility of the water and the surrounding vegetation.

When you can, exercise outside, or engage in other outdoor pursuits like swimming, hiking, or nature hikes. Experience the wind, water, and earth against your skin. Try to do this every day, either alone or with close people, and it will help you live slower.

How To Live Slower & Appreciate Life More
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