Lessons In Forgiveness: 5 Ways To Forgive Someone

transmasculine gender-nonconforming person and transfeminine non-binary person drinking coffee in bed

Forgiveness.  One simple word, yet the very thought of giving it to someone who caused you pain and trouble seems burdensome to do and may not even cross your mind. It is normal to grieve about what happened and get angry because that is what makes you human, but do not stay like that for long. Holding grudges and harboring pain breeds negativity that can sabotage your happiness and eventually destroy you without you even noticing.

Look at yourself in the mirror and remember who you were before these people came into your life. You deserve to heal.

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What Does ‘Being A Light’ Really Mean?

happy girl standing in front of colorful wall

We all hit rock bottom. Our minds are drained, hearts are crushed, bodies are weakened, and souls are jaded because of the downturns that caught us off guard and knocked us down. Just when you thought your story is over, there is something inside you glimmering – a light deep down your core, glowing so you could keep going and see that there is more to life that you have not discovered yet.

‘Being a light’ means embracing who you really are.

Each person is born and comes in different packaging and that is what makes everybody unique. Love and appreciate yourself on a regular basis because that love should come from you first.

You exist in this world not to live by what the society dictates or what people expect from you but for you to set goals and reach for your dreams. Soar high but remember to keep your feet on the ground.

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You Are Amazingly Imperfect

strong man walking forward

Every time we see ourselves in the mirror, we wish we could see perfection. We tend to conceal the roughness around the edges of our image just to get the approval of the people around us. But for all we know, the society that we live in is far more imperfect more than we think.

As human beings, we are fallible, but that shapes our growth towards reaching our goals and becoming the people we want to be.

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