The Beauty Of Revisiting Pain

person with hands over face, beauty of revisiting pain

A good portion of the time, it can suck to write.

Sometimes I wince at the things I have to remember just to convey a message to people. I have to close my eyes, turn on that challenging part of my brain, and dig into my past for old emotions that I have basically put on the shelf to collect dust. Emotions that I don’t particularly want to look at every day, but are always in the midst of my mind, only accessible when I choose them.

We, as writers, go to these places because we want you to see some form of truth through our eyes. We are hoping to knock down the doors of the soul and Windex the windows of the mind to set people free.

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Unwrap Your Gifts

person holding present, unwrap your gifts

Pain and discomfort seem to be relentless at times, never ceasing to let up—tapping you on the shoulder and convincing you to give in to them. One minute, you’re elated that a girl has the same feelings for you that you do for her; elated that your mom is healthy again; elated for your future. Two days later, you’re in agony over your anxiety flaring up, in agony over a bunch of job rejections; in agony over a guy that won’t commit; in agony over your past.

Today, our social media platforms aren’t really helping the cause. They act as a megaphone and magnify whatever is said—positive and negative. What’s really wild about that is everything your mind absorbs when scrolling through your phone can have a mental impact far greater than any of us could ever imagine. It’s not hard to fathom that people are struggling since we live app to app and synapse to synapse.

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