Confessions of a Girl Who Cares ‘Too Much’

girl standing in front of red display, who cares too much

This is a story of a girl who cares too much. A girl who has a larger than life heart. A girl who longs to help, to console, to love others. A girl who is vulnerable, emotional, empathetic, and strong. A girl who falls too hard and loves too much, and has occasionally loved the wrong people. This girl puts her needs aside for everyone else, and continues to let people in – though she has been broken and bruised many times before.

She gives and gives, never asking for anything in return. She keeps her childlike faith and trust tucked safely inside of her heart, knowing that someday, in a world full of half-hearted love and fear of emotions, she’ll finally find her place.

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Despite Your Cracks, You Are Not Broken

woman sitting in moving bus looking out the window

“What if our brokenness, our cracks, all water a trail of flowers that we didn’t even know exist? Or water a trail of flowers that we were too blind to appreciate?”

I once heard a story about a woman who had two buckets. Every day she would fill them up and go water all of the flowers in her garden. One of the buckets looked absolutely perfect—shiny, strong, and didn’t have a single crack in it. The other bucket, however, was filled with cracks. It leaked, it shook, and it often spilled water all over the place.

The leaky bucket felt inferior to the other one. It felt inadequate and worthless. What good could a cracked bucket do? The other one held its water flawlessly, while this bucket would lose half of the water before even making it to the garden. It was then that this broken and bruised bucket told its owner that it was not good enough for her.

“I’ve been leaking water every morning,” the bucket said. “I’m so sorry for making life more difficult for you. I’m so sorry for being broken. It’s time that you replace me with a new, better, and more efficient bucket.”

The owner simply smiled and said: “Do you think I haven’t noticed your cracks? I see them, but I look past them.”

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