How To Overcome Limerence

couple in front of wooden wall, limerence or obsession

1. First and foremost, limerence is about YOU not THEM.

We idealize because we are lacking something within ourselves. Whether that be certain characteristics in them that we are envious of or loneliness that kills us from the inside out, limerence is a reflection of what’s missing on the inside. Once you realize that, you can fill those voids instead of putting another person on a pedestal.

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The Key To Self-Love And Happiness Comes From Within

strong woman staring directly at the camera

As a kid, I learned to admire the beautiful and famous celebrities who gracefully presented themselves on the red carpet. I realized at a young age that there was a link between being beautiful and being loved. When I watched TV or viewed magazines, it was clear that everything was either based on looks or popularity. Growing up with this shallow mentality did not escalate well in my teenage years. I started putting boys on a pedestal based on their physical attributes rather than character. I developed feelings for all the wrong people and let it affect the way I viewed myself. My self-love and self-esteem was at an all-time low, constantly feening for attention and validation from others.

What I really should have been doing was building myself up and giving myself the type of nourishment and care I so deeply longed for.

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There Is Hope, Even In Heartbreak

peaceful woman staring at camera

The pain of heartbreak is the type of pain one never forgets. For those who have suffered, it truly feels like an open wound. Vulerable, in pain, longing for recovery. It’s a feeling that runs through the veins, cuts like a knife, and damages the innocence you once possessed.

Heartbreak is more than just losing someone, it’s also losing a part of yourself, the hopeful part of yourself that held onto the belief of true love.

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How I View Rainy Days

person holding umbrella on rainy day

While most people may dread rainy days, I have always found comfort in them. Watching tiny droplets of rain hit the ground has always calmed my nerves and made me feel whole. Ever since I was a kid, I loved the sound, feel, and overall mood of rain. To me, it feels like an excuse to stay in and not feel like I was missing out.

Rain made me feel like hey, I’m upset and that’s okay because the sky is crying too.

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