12 Things That Are Keeping You From True Happiness

happy woman, what's keeping you from happiness

It seems like “happiness” is a buzzword these days. A prime example of this is the very existence of the massive (and oftentimes, bloated) self-help industry which, to put it quite frankly, attempts to sell happiness to billions of people who desire to know the secrets to happiness, which may or may not even be true happiness for you.

Although the majority of writers are sincere in their approach to helping people, it is ultimately up to you to discover what brings you the truest form of happiness, which only you can create for yourself.

You cannot sit back and think your way through happiness. You need to take action and curate a lifestyle that makes true happiness self-evident and sustainable.

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Even Through Darkness, You Have A Light Within You

woman standing in darkness looking at the light

“Why do you always look sad?”

I’ve heard this far too many times to count. I’ve heard strangers, acquaintances, and even family members asking me to smile more. All the time.

I have a tendency to look at things through dark thunderclouds and a lens fogged by despair. If something good happens, I’ll just say it’s because of luck and not because I actually deserved it. If something goes wrong, I’ll blame it all on myself and think my own deficiencies are the reasons why I’m not where I want to be. I’m too shy, too negative, too bitter, too serious. Sometimes I let the past define who I am now. I don’t speak up for myself, I’m not enough, I’m this, I’m that. Anything but happy.

But I don’t want that to affect how I view myself.

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A First-Generation American Shares Thoughts On ‘Pursuing Your Passions’

person standing on edge of cliff

As a first-generation Taiwanese-American, I witnessed my fair share of cultural prejudices, ethnocentric judgments, and stereotypes that made me feel like I didn’t belong. I felt like I was obligated to hide in my shell and never speak out against anything for the sake of self-preservation, just for a chance to survive without expecting any genuine connections or understanding from anyone.

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