Welcome To The Be A Light Collective Blog!

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What is Be A Light Collective? Passionate about spreading positivity, encouraging others, and building both a resource base and community for creatives and professionals alike, founder Marisa Donnelly created ‘Be A Light Collective.’

On this website, you’ll find information for both budding and seasoned writers. You’ll discover resources for finding your voice, polishing your content, and creating magic with your words. You’ll learn about coaching services and how to become encouraged, equipped, and empowered (regardless of your profession or field). And above all, you’ll find community.

The Be A Light Collective Blog: Here, contributing writers share their hearts, their strongest content, and their voices.

So What Does ‘Be A Light’ Mean?

Hi! It’s Marisa, founder and ‘brains’ behind Be A Light Collective. Honestly, the idea of ‘being a light’ (in my opinion) is first and foremost about spreading good vibes. But that isn’t all. It’s also about helping people find their purpose and sharing that purpose with others. I built this company around the idea that everyone plays a significant role in the world, and the sooner you discover your own unique ‘light,’ the sooner you’ll grow, heal, and bless the world.

Thus, this blog was born. And it’s intent is to give writers and artists a platform. Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is finding a home for your content, so on this blog you’ll see everything from articles about heartbreak and healing, to reminders of of encouragement.

If you’re interested in writing for the Be A Light Collective blog, please click here.
And if you’d like to get in touch with me and my team, email us.

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Welcome To The Be A Light Collective Blog!
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