Be The One Who Lasts When Things Are Temporary

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As we grow up, we realize that everything in this world is temporary. When seasons change, people change as well. When lives are lost, new ones are born. And when one door closes, another opportunity knocks.

But even if people and things come and go, do not think for a second that your life is not worth living. Whatever happens, there is so much life can offer beyond your expectations.

Even if someone has left you, be the one who stays.

Be the one who does not ignore significant people around you. Who decides to stand by them when times get rough. Who picks them up when they fall onto their knees. Who shatters the notion that distance weakens families, friendships, and romantic relationships.

Even if you have been hurt before, give a love that never fades.

Give a love that is eternal. A love that is pure and unconditional. A love that is filled with kindness and no question marks. A love that sees the good and the bad but knows that every single moment is worth it. A love that is amazingly imperfect, emanating from a genuine heart.

Even if the magnificent sky turns gloomy at times, be a light.

A light that illuminates dispirited thoughts and actions of the afflicted. A light that brings undying hope to those who are lost in the shadows. A light that drives darkness out and fills the emptiness with positivity in the face of adversity.

Even if it is hard to forgive, live without hate.

Sleep at night praying for people who caused you pain. Who promised to take good care of your heart but broke it. Who abandoned you without a word, without a trace. Who said they would stick by your side but vanished. Who turned their backs on you when you needed them the most.

Do not be scared to embrace the fact that everything that exists is impermanent.

Life is fleeting, like a butterfly, but you can still be a gentle and happy soul. If you think the good things in life are passing, so as the hard times. Your aches are passing. Breakage is not forever.

Remain steadfast in this temporary world because one day, all the kindheartedness that you have shown will find its way to you and stay.

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Be The One Who Lasts When Things Are Temporary

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