The Beauty Of Moving Forward

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Move forward.

Those are the words you hear when you tell people close to you that your heart is breaking. You feel like dying after letting it all out, and yet that’s all you hear from them. Move forward. But truthfully, you must take time to speak and believe those words. One day, you will see how moving forward lifts you from a moment of hopelessness to happiness.

Moving forward allows you to love yourself again.

You are the slave to unrequited love. That is how you learned to love; it is painful, but it is also pure because it emanates from deep in your heart. Now it’s time to rest. You forget that you also have a heart to love, care, and protect.

Loving yourself is not selfish. You have given love many times; now it’s time to return that love to yourself.

Moving forward lets you learn who your real friends are.

After all the dramas, be it about relationships or work, your real friends will never get tired of listening to you and will stick by your side no matter what. These people will scold you as if you were their child and give comforting advice, like a brother or sister. You will feel their utmost support through your ups and downs. These are the people worth living for, alongside your family.

Moving forward opens new opportunities for you to grab and enjoy.

Instead of wasting energy dragging yourself back to the past, start another chapter in your life with faith. There are countless opportunities around you, waiting to be unlocked. These are blessings that you should be happy about and thankful for.

Moving forward improves your well-being.

Stop worrying over what you could have done to change things because it is already done. You have done your part to save what you could save. This will just lead you to overthinking. Invest in what will make you happy and shut down the negativity that comes your way. This will aid in reshaping your mind and nourishing your body for the better, as you continue to be optimistic every single day.

Moving forward leads you to the right people and where you should be.

Sometimes you stay in a relationship because you are just scared to be lonely. You slowly lose sight of what you truly deserve and where you really belong. You are missing the chance to take hold of what is meant for you from the very start. Let the light from above guide your way as you walk on towards the right choices in your life.

And in time, gone will be the days of pleasing everybody because you do not need to. Gone will be the days of faking smiles and saying, “I’m happy for the both you”. Soon, the resentment and animosity will pass. After all, you will see those who really value you and the things meant for you as you move forward. Everything will take time, but it is all worth it.

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The Beauty Of Moving Forward

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