Believe In God’s Perfect Timing

God's perfect timing

In God’s perfect timing, your prayers will be answered. When things do not go the way you want them to be, know that God’s plans are far better than yours. His plans will open you to amazing opportunities and possibilities truly meant for you and redirect you to the place you where you belong.

In God’s perfect timing, your flaws and failures will bring out the best version of yourself. The tears from heartbreak, rejection, and disappointment will become tears of joy. All of the hurt and pain that you have been through will make you stronger and will mold you to be well-seasoned.

In God’s perfect timing, you will learn why humility means greatness. Being humble does not mean that you are shy or docile, but truthfully, it is you acknowledging your mistakes and weaknesses. And when you do this, you are also building on your strengths with contentment and gratitude to each and every experience that comes your way.

In God’s perfect timing, you will fully understand why some people have to leave you. You will fully understand why they have to go on their own. You will fully understand why they have gone too soon.

In God’s perfect timing, you will see that the love you gave away will come back to you and stay.

The shattered pieces of your heart will be put together by someone you really deserve. Someone who will stay even if things are temporary. Someone who will embrace your imperfections. Someone who will look into your eyes andmake you feel worth it.

You will realize that moving forward leads you to wonderful days ahead. Your brokenness will no longer matter because you will write on the next chapter of your life with new people to meet, new places to travel, new experiences to learn from, and new moments to cherish.

In God’s perfect timing, you will discover that you still have so much to offer in this world. You are more. You are incredible. You have God-given talents to share your unique story and inspire people that whatever life may bring, they just have to pray and persevere until they reach their dreams.

In God’s perfect timing, friends who are in conflict will reconcile with each other. It hurts to see that your closest friends have become victims of misinformation that has led to their misunderstanding and hostility. Do not let this stop you from trying to bridge the gap and pray for them.

I believe in God’s perfect timing. And to the one who is reading this now, you will be healed. All your aches will pass. If you feel like giving up, please do not raise the white flag because something special is bound for you.

Be patient, my dear, as the days you have been waiting for are coming.

Featured Image Credit: Andrea Vehige

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Believe In God’s Perfect Timing
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