12 Things That Are Keeping You From True Happiness

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It seems like “happiness” is a buzzword these days. A prime example of this is the very existence of the massive (and oftentimes, bloated) self-help industry which, to put it quite frankly, attempts to sell happiness to billions of people who desire to know the secrets to happiness, which may or may not even be true happiness for you.

Although the majority of writers are sincere in their approach to helping people, it is ultimately up to you to discover what brings you the truest form of happiness, which only you can create for yourself.

You cannot sit back and think your way through happiness. You need to take action and curate a lifestyle that makes true happiness self-evident and sustainable.

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How To Keep Going When Life Gets Hard

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Life will always be unpredictable, shocking, and traumatic. Sometimes life will make you feel as if things aren’t going to get better, and you don’t have those emotional assurances that you can turn things around. I know sometimes it feels that your only two companions from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep are fear and uncertainty. But I need you to know something.

In those difficulties, know that life isn’t only happening to you, it’s happening for you. And everything that’s happening is preparing and conditioning you to be ready as you continue to move forward.

I understand that it’s not easy knowing things aren’t going the way you thought they would go. I also understand that it’s more tempting to just give up and torture yourself with your own negative self-talk. But bear this in mind: Trying times are there to signal you to pay attention to your life and yourself.

The difficult moments are there to teach you not only to survive—but also to definitely thrive.

The beauty and strength of this life can be found in those moments where you choose to keep going no matter how painful and difficult your situation is.

In that profound way, you are showing and proving to yourself that you always have the power to decide no matter what. You are moving in the direction of courage and empowerment. Because the truth is, life can knock you down—but it doesn’t and will never rob you of the choice to get up and rise above.

I need you to know that it’s normal to find yourself in those moments of difficulty. It’s completely fine to be there. Yes, it is. But the second you realize that life isn’t going to get better until you become better, push yourself to move forward. Promise yourself to not give up.

No one will make your life better except for you. No one will save you except for you. Life will always move forward and so will you.

You can either choose to stay in that space of misery, or you can keep going, keep fighting.

Remember this: You can’t stop living because of what you’re feeling now. There is more to life than this. You have to continue because your life is worth living.

I want you to stop second-guessing yourself—you’ve got this. You’ve sunk into the deepest despair, but you’ve made your way here. Yes, you are here now. And with that being said, I want you to choose to keep going even if that is the hardest thing to do.

You will always feel fear, but no matter how you feel, don’t give up. No matter how difficult it is, keep going. Because every time you push yourself, you are making a long-term investment for yourself.

And you are worth it.

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How To Overcome Limerence

couple in front of wooden wall, limerence or obsession

1. First and foremost, limerence is about YOU not THEM.

We idealize because we are lacking something within ourselves. Whether that be certain characteristics in them that we are envious of or loneliness that kills us from the inside out, limerence is a reflection of what’s missing on the inside. Once you realize that, you can fill those voids instead of putting another person on a pedestal.

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The Key To Self-Love And Happiness Comes From Within

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As a kid, I learned to admire the beautiful and famous celebrities who gracefully presented themselves on the red carpet. I realized at a young age that there was a link between being beautiful and being loved. When I watched TV or viewed magazines, it was clear that everything was either based on looks or popularity. Growing up with this shallow mentality did not escalate well in my teenage years. I started putting boys on a pedestal based on their physical attributes rather than character. I developed feelings for all the wrong people and let it affect the way I viewed myself. My self-love and self-esteem was at an all-time low, constantly feening for attention and validation from others.

What I really should have been doing was building myself up and giving myself the type of nourishment and care I so deeply longed for.

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To My Son: Thank You

woman holding her son by beach

My Son,

Before you were born. I saw you in my dream and I sang a song for you. The song went something like this, “Baby, baby, eyes so blue, don’t you worry I love you.”. When you were born, your beautiful blue eyes amazed me and I knew you were the boy in my dream.

The beauty you brought into my life was stunning. I felt like a light was planted in my heart. And no matter what went wrong, that light burned bright.

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