There Is Hope, Even In Heartbreak

peaceful woman staring at camera

The pain of heartbreak is the type of pain one never forgets. For those who have suffered, it truly feels like an open wound. Vulerable, in pain, longing for recovery. It’s a feeling that runs through the veins, cuts like a knife, and damages the innocence you once possessed.

Heartbreak is more than just losing someone, it’s also losing a part of yourself, the hopeful part of yourself that held onto the belief of true love.

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Lessons In Forgiveness: 5 Ways To Forgive Someone

transmasculine gender-nonconforming person and transfeminine non-binary person drinking coffee in bed

Forgiveness.  One simple word, yet the very thought of giving it to someone who caused you pain and trouble seems burdensome to do and may not even cross your mind. It is normal to grieve about what happened and get angry because that is what makes you human, but do not stay like that for long. Holding grudges and harboring pain breeds negativity that can sabotage your happiness and eventually destroy you without you even noticing.

Look at yourself in the mirror and remember who you were before these people came into your life. You deserve to heal.

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Confessions of a Girl Who Cares ‘Too Much’

girl standing in front of red display, who cares too much

This is a story of a girl who cares too much. A girl who has a larger than life heart. A girl who longs to help, to console, to love others. A girl who is vulnerable, emotional, empathetic, and strong. A girl who falls too hard and loves too much, and has occasionally loved the wrong people. This girl puts her needs aside for everyone else, and continues to let people in – though she has been broken and bruised many times before.

She gives and gives, never asking for anything in return. She keeps her childlike faith and trust tucked safely inside of her heart, knowing that someday, in a world full of half-hearted love and fear of emotions, she’ll finally find her place.

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An Open Letter To The Second Choice

somber person standing in a shaded hallway

I know you’re at the park right now, taking photos of the surroundings and selfies with your brightest smile. But you can’t hide from me. I know what’s going on; I know how you feel.

I know you’re bruised because you keep on expecting that one day, this person will treat you as good as the way you treat them. You know you can’t put the blame on anybody else because that’s who you are and what you do. That’s how you value and give time to people around you.

You make them a part of your priorities and yet, you end up being hurt.

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The Wonders Of A Good Heart

happy woman standing next to flowers

People with good hearts are pleased with the happiness and success of others.

Whether you are given credit for a job well-done, promoted, or simply celebrating something, they sincerely congratulate you for all your ideas and achievements. They never get jealous or any ill feelings towards you, even when life favors you over them. For them, there is no room for competition because it will just attract negative vibes. You will be amazed how they are able to celebrate with you your victory as if it were their own, and will never run out of compliments for you.

People with good hearts prioritize others even if they have to set their needs aside.

They do not mind giving a large chunk of their time because they are gladdened in giving you company. Every time they lend a helping a hand, it leaves them with a good feeling and you can see it on their faces. When you need someone to listen to your rants, they will come running and never get tired of your stories. Even though at times you do not need them, they still sit by your side and offer their time.

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