How To Overcome Limerence

couple in front of wooden wall, limerence or obsession

1. First and foremost, limerence is about YOU not THEM.

We idealize because we are lacking something within ourselves. Whether that be certain characteristics in them that we are envious of or loneliness that kills us from the inside out, limerence is a reflection of what’s missing on the inside. Once you realize that, you can fill those voids instead of putting another person on a pedestal.

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There Is Hope, Even In Heartbreak

peaceful woman staring at camera

The pain of heartbreak is the type of pain one never forgets. For those who have suffered, it truly feels like an open wound. Vulerable, in pain, longing for recovery. It’s a feeling that runs through the veins, cuts like a knife, and damages the innocence you once possessed.

Heartbreak is more than just losing someone, it’s also losing a part of yourself, the hopeful part of yourself that held onto the belief of true love.

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Lessons In Forgiveness: 5 Ways To Forgive Someone

transmasculine gender-nonconforming person and transfeminine non-binary person drinking coffee in bed

Forgiveness.  One simple word, yet the very thought of giving it to someone who caused you pain and trouble seems burdensome to do and may not even cross your mind. It is normal to grieve about what happened and get angry because that is what makes you human, but do not stay like that for long. Holding grudges and harboring pain breeds negativity that can sabotage your happiness and eventually destroy you without you even noticing.

Look at yourself in the mirror and remember who you were before these people came into your life. You deserve to heal.

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To The Ones Who Need To Heal

woman looking out into darkness

To the abandoned: cry if you must but after that, pick yourself up. Yes, being separated from someone you love or being left without a word is traumatizing but it is not the end of your world. Whether it is a break up or death of a loved one, do not let the pain of chronic loss eat you alive. Living with the fear of abandonment is like a living hell and you are missing the good things around you because of this negative behavior.

Work through your emotions to overcome this fear because when one door closes, another one opens.

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