7 Signs You’re Not Listening To Your Heart

strong woman staring at the camera, not listening to your heart

No matter what struggles you’re facing or how long you’ve been enduring the same ones, the cause of every defeat boils down to not listening to your heart enough.

It’s so easy to dismiss this as some vague, abstract feel-good cliché, but listening to your heart involves much deeper work than you think. That’s because it’s not as easy as it sounds, it’s not always pleasurable, and it’s especially challenging to do when the incessant cacophony from the world outside keeps drowning out the pleadings of your heart – so much that you think you can’t hear what your heart has to say and that it isn’t important enough to follow.

This can hinder you in your personal growth and journey to self-healing far more than anything else.

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I’m Done Searching—Happiness Is Right Here

woman finding happiness in small moments

There is this perpetual emptiness that is always lingering inside me. There is a void my soul so desperately wants to fill. We have tried everything to fill it though, haven’t we? Addiction has roots that run multiple generations deep in my family. That ought to have been something someone told me about growing up. But part of addiction is the crippling shame that leaves us gasping for air, let alone with the energy to warn those we love.

I am twenty- two years old. It feels like everyone my age is figuring out who they are, meanwhile I am just now realizing that most of my life was only what I have fabricated it to be.

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The Key To Self-Love And Happiness Comes From Within

strong woman staring directly at the camera

As a kid, I learned to admire the beautiful and famous celebrities who gracefully presented themselves on the red carpet. I realized at a young age that there was a link between being beautiful and being loved. When I watched TV or viewed magazines, it was clear that everything was either based on looks or popularity. Growing up with this shallow mentality did not escalate well in my teenage years. I started putting boys on a pedestal based on their physical attributes rather than character. I developed feelings for all the wrong people and let it affect the way I viewed myself. My self-love and self-esteem was at an all-time low, constantly feening for attention and validation from others.

What I really should have been doing was building myself up and giving myself the type of nourishment and care I so deeply longed for.

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What Does ‘Being A Light’ Really Mean?

happy girl standing in front of colorful wall

We all hit rock bottom. Our minds are drained, hearts are crushed, bodies are weakened, and souls are jaded because of the downturns that caught us off guard and knocked us down. Just when you thought your story is over, there is something inside you glimmering – a light deep down your core, glowing so you could keep going and see that there is more to life that you have not discovered yet.

‘Being a light’ means embracing who you really are.

Each person is born and comes in different packaging and that is what makes everybody unique. Love and appreciate yourself on a regular basis because that love should come from you first.

You exist in this world not to live by what the society dictates or what people expect from you but for you to set goals and reach for your dreams. Soar high but remember to keep your feet on the ground.

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