You Are More

man looking at camera half-hidden, you are more

You are more than the skin and bones given to you.Β More than money and fame, more than your material possessions. More than the sum of your text messages.

You are more than the most beautiful places on Earth.

You are more than conditional love, more than your feelings and desires for a guy or girl. I say this because your personal journey will produce the people meant to depart from or stay in your life. That doesn’t mean you will completely forget the ones who aren’t around as much as they used to be. You will just learn to care from a distance. And that’s okay.

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The Beauty Of Revisiting Pain

person with hands over face, beauty of revisiting pain

A good portion of the time, it can suck to write.

Sometimes I wince at the things I have to remember just to convey a message to people. I have to close my eyes, turn on that challenging part of my brain, and dig into my past for old emotions that I have basically put on the shelf to collect dust. Emotions that I don’t particularly want to look at every day, but are always in the midst of my mind, only accessible when I choose them.

We, as writers, go to these places because we want you to see some form of truth through our eyes. We are hoping to knock down the doors of the soul and Windex the windows of the mind to set people free.

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For The Perfectionists Out There

woman lying in the street, for the perfectionists

This is what it feels like to be a perfectionist: You spend lots of time and effort letting go of the mundane things that seem trivial to others. You see people admitting to their silly mistakes and being able to laugh at them, but simple things like arriving slightly later than you promised, taking a longer route by accident, or failing to deliver your thoughts like you planned out in your mind etc. are able to make you want to beat yourself up more than anything else.

Perfectionists like us tend to feel most comfortable with the idea that we are always good enough, therefore anything that threatens our identity stresses us out.

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I Am A Woman Of Grace

woman with hands over face, I am a woman of grace

I am a sparrow that flies by night
Because you said that my form is too shameful
to be seen in the light.

I am caught in the snare of the fowler by day,
trapped in a golden cage, for the sake of the Judge above.

But tell me, do I need to be ashamed of my fiery spirit
and the waters of eternity flowing through my soul?

Do I need to bow my head down and curse myself
again and again, in remorseful repentance
for simply being who I am?

I am a wild creature, a free bird that dares to dream
of wondrous things beyond the sky

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A First-Generation American Shares Thoughts On ‘Pursuing Your Passions’

person typing on computer, first-generation American on pursuing passions

As a first-generation Taiwanese-American, I witnessed my fair share of cultural prejudices, ethnocentric judgments, and stereotypes that made me feel like I didn’t belong. I felt like I was obligated to hide in my shell and never speak out against anything for the sake of self-preservation, just for a chance to survive without expecting any genuine connections or understanding from anyone.

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