12 Things That Are Keeping You From True Happiness

happy woman, what's keeping you from happiness

It seems like “happiness” is a buzzword these days. A prime example of this is the very existence of the massive (and oftentimes, bloated) self-help industry which, to put it quite frankly, attempts to sell happiness to billions of people who desire to know the secrets to happiness, which may or may not even be true happiness for you.

Although the majority of writers are sincere in their approach to helping people, it is ultimately up to you to discover what brings you the truest form of happiness, which only you can create for yourself.

You cannot sit back and think your way through happiness. You need to take action and curate a lifestyle that makes true happiness self-evident and sustainable.

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This Is What Happiness Looks Like

happy man smiling in front of brick wall

For such a long period of time, I used to think that happiness was a state that you had to reach. I used to pressure myself every time I had those down moments, unhappy, and distasteful about my life. I used to hate myself in those moments where I didn’t feel happy or I didn’t have a smile on my face.

But now, I fully understand that happiness is a strength. It is a practice of choosing to see the better sides of any circumstance.

Because when you do that, you are now stepping into the zone of gratefulness—and that is the ultimate state of happiness.

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Be The One Who Lasts When Things Are Temporary

happy couple holding hands in a field

As we grow up, we realize that everything in this world is temporary. When seasons change, people change as well. When lives are lost, new ones are born. And when one door closes, another opportunity knocks.

But even if people and things come and go, do not think for a second that your life is not worth living. Whatever happens, there is so much life can offer beyond your expectations.

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