To The Ones Who Need To Heal

woman looking out into darkness

To the abandoned: cry if you must but after that, pick yourself up. Yes, being separated from someone you love or being left without a word is traumatizing but it is not the end of your world. Whether it is a break up or death of a loved one, do not let the pain of chronic loss eat you alive. Living with the fear of abandonment is like a living hell and you are missing the good things around you because of this negative behavior.

Work through your emotions to overcome this fear because when one door closes, another one opens.

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The Beauty Of Revisiting Pain

girl looking out over lake on a cloudy day

A good portion of the time, it can suck to write.

Sometimes I wince at the things I have to remember just to convey a message to people. I have to close my eyes, turn on that challenging part of my brain, and dig into my past for old emotions that I have basically put on the shelf to collect dust. Emotions that I don’t particularly want to look at every day, but are always in the midst of my mind, only accessible when I choose them.

We, as writers, go to these places because we want you to see some form of truth through our eyes. We are hoping to knock down the doors of the soul and Windex the windows of the mind to set people free.

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There Is Hope In Every Challenge

a transmasculine person looking out into the sunset

Look back, for a moment, on the times that shaped you the most. Was it the days you were stagnant and still? The mornings you woke and followed the same patterns, same routines? The nights you fell asleep with no real ambitions, just ready to move into a new day? To do the same thing, be the same person you were yesterday?

Or was it the times that your foundation was completely rocked? The days riddled with chaos and questions? The mornings you weren’t quite sure where to go next, what path to follow, or even who you were? The nights you lost your sense of purpose and identity, and so began wildly searching for a new place, a new home, a new road?

Was it the painful moments, the struggles, the challenges that truly brought you to the place you are now?

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