You Will Conquer The War You’re Fighting

girl holding weight you will conquer the war

We all have that thing – that thing that keeps us up at night, that thing that whispers devilishly into our ear, vying for our attention. That thing that we cannot seem to let go of despite knowing, in our core, that we need to set it free. That thing we hide from the world, hoping that no one will find out the secret battle we are fighting within.

Your thing might be infidelity or depression, or staying in an abusive relationship. Maybe it’s alcoholism or an eating disorder, or anger, or “keeping up appearances.” Regardless of what it is, you know that it’s slowly eating away at your insides. It’s becoming harder and harder to break free from its prison walls.

Let me remind you that these struggles do not make you a hopeless cause. These struggles make you human.

They mean you are enduring something that every soul encounters at some point along their walk. It’s okay that you are not okay.

You must also understand that remaining captive to your thing’s tight grasp is what will prevent you from experiencing true freedom. You have to decide that love is more important than any stronghold in your life. Fully loving and respecting yourself and others is the miraculous cure that will lead you to the light.

My friend, please promise me that you won’t give up on yourself. This dark valley of your life was never meant to fully consume who you are, but rather simply to be a stopping point along your journey.

You may be at the bottom of the hill but if you look up long enough you will see that there is an awe-inspiring, beautiful peak to this mountain as well. The sun is radiating upon it, inviting you to step into its warm and welcoming rays.

You will conquer the war you’re fighting.

So, hurt and break and collapse as you honor the war raging within you. And then, awaken the warrior within you and stand tall. Look your demon in the eye and say, “Not today.” It may have won some battles, but you refuse to allow it to win the war.

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You Will Conquer The War You’re Fighting
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