Date Someone You Deserve

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Dating is beautiful, especially when you find the right person. But don’t rush a romance by settling for less than you deserve and missing life’s subtle nuances. Love yourself first because when you have self-love, you can truly love others. Self-love also leads you to finding love outside yourself, too. So above all, Sweetheart, love yourself and let love in.

And when you’re ready to date someone and give him/her your heart, here’s what you need to know:

Date someone you deserve.

Date someone who wishes you joy and prosperity, the person who will shine a light in your day. Stay with someone who is endlessly fascinated with you, who loves surprising you and makes you feel special. Date someone who feels lucky to sit next to you — wherever you are — from a park bench to a private yacht sipping martinis at sunset. Maybe this sounds like a fairy tale, but truthfully, find someone who would cross the heavens and earth for you. Someone who will fight and stay.

Date someone who makes you the best version of yourself. There’s just something so beautiful about falling for a person who wants to help you stay grounded in what you believe. Someone who supports your choices of what’s ‘wrong’ or ‘right.’ Find the person who’s gentle, and whose only intent is to pursue you, day after day.

Date someone who earnestly loves you and isn’t afraid to show it. Be with the one who’s willing to fight through storms to stay together and whose touch and smile make you feel alive. Find someone whose passion matches your own.

You deserve someone who loves you for the quirks you have and the little things you do, the one who lifts you up.

Date someone who sees no flaws, finds no faults and knows no restrictions. It’s always lovely to know someone is there to accept you for who you are and for who you have always been, without asking you to change.

Date someone who will choose you always- who will look for you when you disappear and who wants to stay forever. Be with someone who will never run and who realizes that giving up is impossible.

Date someone you deserve, someone who never fails to see your worth, the one who values your soul and who isn’t afraid to help you heal your broken heart.

Date someone who feels like home. Find the one who gives you warmth and comfort, the one who not only inspires you but creates a space of safety.

Date someone who holds all the pieces of you as treasures, who is ready to listen to your thoughts and emotions and never stands in judgement. Date someone you deserve, someone who knows what to say when you start to feel sad and who can determine when to simply pull you close and remind you that you’re okay.  

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Date Someone You Deserve
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