Decide To Forgive, Not For Them But For You

happy couple learn to forgive and love each other

The person who can forgive is the freest and happiest individual that has ever existed.

I understand that forgiveness isn’t the easiest thing to do. And I have no idea how much pain others have brought into your life. I don’t believe and expect that forgiveness can happen that quickly because it needs time. But I hope that even when it is hard, you will slowly decide to forgive those people so you can continue living your life with a lighter suitcase.

When you decide to forgive, it isn’t about the other person; it’s all about you.

It is you that needs to be free from resentment that suffocates you. It is you that needs to have peace of mind from the moment you fall asleep to the moment you wake up. One thing to understand is that the more you hold yourself from forgiving, the more the pain grows inside you.

Because whatever they have done to you shouldn’t be the thing that stops you from feeling joy.

You are not a product of whatever they have done to you because being a victim is a choice.

As long as you are still affected by those who have done you wrong, you remain as their hostage. You will continue living with the demons they have given you. They will keep haunting you one way or another — and they will keep growing in the space inside you where all the pain lies.

Forgiveness is a decision that we make that is driven by the desire to live freely.

I hope that you will let this day be the first step towards forgiveness because forgiveness is done piece by piece, step by step, and one decision after another. I hope that you will find time to revisit what happened and decide that it is no longer serving you — and it is time to let it go.

And I hope that you will finally put an end to this — this painful cycle of hurting yourself.

Healing is done piece by piece.

It takes courage to forgive and let go, and finally move on. It doesn’t happen overnight. The healing process will take a while but piece by piece you will get there — to a place where pain still exists — but doesn’t hold any part of you.

One day, you will decide to forgive simply because you can, and you are allowed to.

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Decide To Forgive, Not For Them But For You
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