4 Smart Ways To Display Your Business at Conventions

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Making sure you have effective ways to display your business at conventions or trade shows is critical for generating foot traffic. A display doesn’t just mean how you set up your exhibit; it’s about how you show off the entirety of what you do.

Here are four smart ways to display your business at conventions or trade shows:

1. Have a Unique Exhibit

Making sure your exhibit stands out above the rest is critical. You should always come up with a mock-up plan beforehand so that there’s clear communication as to where things should go. Additionally, you’ll want to consider the venue’s structure and where the foot traffic will be coming from to determine how to draw the eye of potential clients. Interactive event containers are becoming more popular at tradeshows, as they allow for a compact yet spacious display.

Your product or service should also be the main prop in your display. Don’t let it get lost in all your other props. Don’t be afraid to create an immersive world with your space, either. The more interactive and engaging your exhibit is, the more people will want to visit.

2. Connect Emotionally With Customers

Your exhibit should tell the story of your company, whether it does so with display boards or televisions. Customers want to know where you started and how you got here. Creating an emotional connection with people makes them want to invest in you and your story.

For example, if you’re an artist, maybe you’ll want to tell the story of how you became one and show off your improvements. If you’re a coach, your origin story displays what you can do and makes people want to connect with you as a business-owner.

3. Show Off What You Do

You want your product and what you do to take center stage. It should be easy to see at a glance exactly what your company is about so that people don’t overlook your exhibit. Typically, if people are confused about what you market, they won’t approach you to ask.

You don’t necessarily have to show your product off physically, especially if what you do is intangible. Digital displays such as videos, audio, and virtual reality are taking today’s trade shows by storm. Not everything can be displayed in a case, so get creative with how you show off.

4. Get People Talking

Almost nobody will turn down a free item. Branded swag such as water bottles, bags, shirts, and sunglasses are just a few examples of the many things you can hand out to a crowd. In addition, it’s a great way to display your business by word of mouth.

If you want to get more digital traffic, create a QR code with a landing page to your website and social media platforms. You can then print the code on whatever you want. Again, the easier it is to access your information, the more people will do it.

Hopefully, these four smart ways to display your business at a convention will help you stand out. Above all, don’t be afraid to be bold and unique with your marketing!

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4 Smart Ways To Display Your Business at Conventions
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