Things I’ve Learned Beyond The Extraordinary Joy Of Writing

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Aside from being a writer, I have a steady flow of work at the office every day. It is something I do with my left hand while I lean to my right hand during my days off, or after my scheduled duty at work. Because there is nothing better than a weekend day that includes long hours picking up my pen and paper and finding the perfect words to write. There is nothing better than seeing my writing in U.S. online magazines and recognizing my volume of work as both consistent and prolific. When necessary, I slept a little and some nights, not at all. It’s always nice to go about my days aglow with the feeling of just staying at home and setting time aside to write.

Here’s what I have learned beyond the extraordinary joy of writing:

1) I truly believe in the power of never giving up. To always make time to do what I love most.

2) I write to be read.

3) I have learned that writing is like taking a long and difficult journey to a mysterious place inside me.

4) I have learned that writing is a journey that requires great strength, perseverance and emotional courage as I encounter the inevitable obstacles along the way, both from within and without.

5) I have learned that writing is to feel my readers with me- to feel their pain, their fears, and their disappointments. To feel their dreams, their determinations, and their hunger for the truths.

6) I have learned that writing is trying to be the readers’ mirror, mouthpiece, and the bridge that connects the wishes in their hearts to the hearts of their beloved ones.

7) It’s always an amazing feeling how I’ve touched everyone’s heart without even meeting each one in person.

8) What I have written isn’t mine. It isn’t my story.

9) Being a writer is having the license to dream while being awake.

10) Writing is not a natural ability. It is a skill, and like all skills, it has to be learned and it requires tenacity and self- discipline.

11) Writing isn’t easy.

12) Writing is lonely.

13) Writing involves long hours of hard work without an immediate reward.

14) Sleeping is hard when my mind is full of thoughts to write.

15) I used to imagine what a riotous uproar my book will cause someday when they discover (after I’m gone.)

16) Writing is not quite an easy job. I consider it as one of the most crucial and sensitive job because of the great responsibilities attached to it.

17) The work of writing is so peculiar that until now I’m not so sure what kind of activity it is.

18) Writing is not about a flawless grammar or having a wide array of pretentious fancy or expressing a high-blown bombastic language to choose from.

19) Writing is a form of meditation.

20) To be a writer is not just simply to write. To be one is to hold the steering wheel on the road of wisdom.

21) I write because words are passionate and compelling. It’s my true secret life and my emotional fingerprint.

22) What I’ve learned beyond the extraordinary joy of writing is that writing has purpose. Words, just like flowers, have their scents, too.


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Things I’ve Learned Beyond The Extraordinary Joy Of Writing
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