How It Feels To Fall In Love

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Had I known in this life I would find you, I would have lived my life so differently. I would have stayed in bed longer skipped worrying about life senselessly. I would have stopped wondering why that man never called back, and why that dress didn’t fit me for my first date.

Had I known you were that pot of gold waiting by the end of the rainbow, I would have danced my way home while I was braving the storm.

Because now, because of you, I know how to fall in love.

I know love from the words you brought into my life. And from the words you spoke when your lips kissed mine. I know love from the melody I sing with you in my mind every single second of every day.

My soul felt safe with you. When you held my hand, it felt like you were telling me that nothing in this world is ever going to hurt me. Every chance I had to share with you was proof that our souls were matched.

You were everything and so much more than I would ever ask for. You were my best friend. You were my lover. You were the number one fan of my lamest jokes and my number one believer in everything I do.

And I knew it was love when suddenly I didn’t have enough words to describe the day. Suddenly, ‘good morning’ sounded lame, because mornings started being the best part of the day but evenings were just as good. Suddenly there were not enough letters between A to Z, because you gave me so much more to feel but so little time to ponder what I’m feeling.

Suddenly, everything just fell right into place.

No questions are left to ask, no rights and wrongs. Nothing. It was all right, and bright.

And what a shame that there are only 171,476 words English words because none of them give justice to the way you make my heart literally skip a beat. You make my eyes the happiest every time that they see you. And suddenly, it was all about you and I, and still, I could not get enough of us.

It was as if the world was telling me I have a space here, and yet I felt so small in the middle of the greatness and the splendor of all the being that I just couldn’t fit myself anywhere. And maybe one of those forty-seven thousand obsolete words in the English language will do justice for how I feel, for how you made me feel. But why were they always feeling like not enough?

Has no one ever felt the way I do now? Has no one ever been as lucky as you have made me, my love?

I smile. Days and nights. And nights through days, I smile. Because you are here and I fall in love.

I thank the heavens and the earth, and I know I fell in love. Because this is how love works. This is how one falls. And then again I ask, maybe they were wrong for calling it ‘falling’ in the first place. Because when something falls, it breaks. It breaks when it hits the bottom. And in this journey, I refuse to break eventually. I refuse to hit the floor.

I did not fall in love. I jumped in love.

Because that is how one loves. Willingly. Bravely.

And that is how I loved. I took the risk with you and I forgot all the ifs and the whys. I jumped in love because the pool of uncertainty suddenly does not scare me. It excites me.

Had I known in this life I would find you, I would have stopped myself falling and started jumping long before.

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How It Feels To Fall In Love
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