Why It’s Better To Feel Your Emotions Than Hold Back

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When you feel your emotions, that means you acknowledge every inner sensation that you have. You acknowledge them and you don’t deny them whether you’re feeling hurt, happy, jealous, sad, in love, or whatever you feel. It means you submerge into them even if you think you’re not supposed to. You don’t suppress them just because people might disapprove and tell you to just get over it.

It’s true, what you feel may sometimes be unpleasant or unacceptable, but that simply means you’re human.

It’s better to feel your emotions than hold them back because bottling up can affect your health. We are wired to determine what we truly feel and to express it. If we don’t express them, whether they’re positive or negative, our brain will consider this stress. Eventually, the stress will manifest through physical discomfort and mental illness.

Bottling up can also make it hard for us to know who we really are because our personality is mostly implied by what we initially feel in certain situations.

We have to allow our natural reactions to flow because basically, it’s okay. They are true, they are valid, and they don’t make you any less worthy.

Moreover, we could barely have that quality life when we choose not to feel our emotions. Being sentient is a gift because it teaches us wisdom and it allows us to appreciate the happy things in this life; hence, having the ability to express them means more. We get to know the people around us by how they respond to the expression of our feelings and we get to discover new things that can take place as we let those feelings out.

Perhaps one reason why we tend to deny what we feel is because we know we could end up expressing it the wrong way. However, we can always learn the art of properly feeling and expressing our emotions. Instead of suppressing them, let’s manage them. We don’t have to ignore them; we can “entertain” them and think about how we could let them out in the open. We can always ask ourselves with questions like What made me feel this way? and How does my heart want to release it? How SHOULD I release it?

Let’s feel our emotions instead of holding them back.

Because through it, we learn more about our surroundings and our inner selves. We learn about the people we interact with, we learn about truths, and we will realize how worthy we are to be accepted and understood.

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Why It’s Better To Feel Your Emotions Than Hold Back
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