Forgiveness Is Healing

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We always find it difficult to forgive those who hurt us, don’t we? They say it hurts even more when the people we love, care, and trust the most are the ones who cause us pain. It is definitely a hard pill to swallow, but we have to accept the fundamental truth that forgiveness is healing of wounds.

At first, you will be resistant and struggling, but you will see how it releases you from the burden and make room for self-love.

Forgive the ones who broke their promise of staying beside you whatever happens.

The ones who deserted you and made you feel alone. Who told you to wait for them but next thing you knew, they left you behind.

Forgive the ones who lied to you. Who assured you that you were the only one but chose someone over you. Who made you cry every night and wonder where you went wrong.

Forgive the ones who never saw your worth.

Who got overwhelmed with your presence and took you for granted. Who made you feel unworthy of someone’s time and love.

Forgive the ones who talked behind your back. Who gave you fake smiles and joyed in your mistakes. Who spread gossip to drag you down.

Forgive the ones whom you thought were your friends but treated you like a stranger.

Who unfriended and blocked you on social media. Who never responded to your calls and messages in times you needed them.

Just like you, they were once hurt. They had inner demons to face and fight. They had sleepless nights thinking of their wrongdoings. They were also broken and bruised by people they thought would stay, but walked away.

Yes, it may seem impossible to forgive, especially when the hurt went too deep. But when you forgive, you are releasing yourself from the toxicity of the person’s hurtful behavior and deeds. You are allowing yourself to heal and grow.

Your wounds and the heaviness of their weight do not dictate how you live your life, nor define how you love.

If you would just look around, there is more to life than resentment and vengeance. More importantly, there is more to life than wasting your energy on things that cannot be undone.

Healing does not happen overnight, nor does it resolve in just a snap of your fingers. It is never a one-time event, but a process to undergo. And when you forgive, you are slowly freeing yourself from anger, bitterness, or whatever is trying to reduce you and steal your happiness away.

Truthfully, we can never forget, but we all need to make peace with the past, be grateful for the present, and keep moving forward towards the future with a good heart.

After all, we are doing this not only for them, but for ourselves because we deserve greatness, happiness, and love.

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Forgiveness Is Healing

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