What I’ve Learned As A Grandmother

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I’ve always cherished the memories of my children’s births and their childhoods. If I were to go back in time, I would do the same things again, but in a more self-aware, patient and creative way. I would hold my kids a little longer and grab the chance to enjoy more fun times with them. I would take more videos and capture more funny faces.

I’m grateful to reflect on parenting because now I’m a grandmother. It feels like God has gifted me with a second chance. However, I need to remember that my kids are now the bosses of their kids. I’m just the wiser one.

From time to time I have a date with my photo album. I embrace the memories of youthfulness and the love in my heart. I love to share memories and stories with my oldest granddaughter. Because I always knew I would enjoy being a grandma, I have the opportunity to hold onto more memories.

I’m gifted time to be with my grandchildren. I genuinely value their smiles and the sound of their laughter lifts my heart. I’m really proud to be a grandmother. It feels like I have a chance to make up or pick up from where I left off with my kids when time passed me by.

Life becomes more valuable as we get older, time is so precious and life is such a treasure.

When I hold my grandchildren in my arms, I hold them a little more tenderly than I held my kids when they were babies. I listen more attentively to my granddaughters, to every pronunciation of every word. I observe the way their mouth moves when they speak. And I hear the sound of their heart through their voices as youthful, but distinct from others.

I find my self bubbly and cheerful when my granddaughter makes silly faces and talks gibberish. I like to take pictures and videos of these moments and send them to my kids because I know how grateful they will be to have some memories, too. Regardless, of how silly I feel, I join my granddaughter when she’s in a silly mood. We do the same things and laugh at ourselves together.

I think being a grandmother is a therapeutic reward for all the hard work of being a mother.

When my grandchildren watch their favourite cartoons, I ask them questions to wake their minds up. I want to understand them and help them learn to communicate what they perceive and what they take in from the outside world.

When my granddaughter asks me questions like, “Why can’t I have too much chocolate?” and “Why do I have to brush my teeth?” I remember all the hard ways I needed to learn to communicate with little minds that raced too fast for me.

And now, I’m old enough to go a little slower and take the time I need holding on to what’s left of the beauty in my life.

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What I’ve Learned As A Grandmother

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