Sometimes Heartbreak Helps You Find Yourself

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Sometimes we have all it takes to move ahead in life, but we hold ourselves back as a sacrifice to be there for the ones we love.

You might know what I’m talking about if you’ve put your passions aside to help a loved one through a really tough time, or you’ve been fighting to stay with someone after heartbreak. You know you are capable of moving on, but you hold back because you’ve committed to someone. And you don’t want to leave them when they need you.

Sometimes we stall ourselves from growing because we hope that the person we want to share our life with will grow, too.

But the truth is, you cannot help someone who is not helping themselves.

Because you’ll try and try, and see no improvement. You might believe that they’ll come around on their own. And so you delay your own healing process.

You might have so much to say, so you try to wait for the ‘right day,’ ‘right moment.’ But it doesn’t work out the way you need it to. You find yourself waiting and waiting, hoping and not just hoping, giving chance after chance for change. And nothing changes.

Sometimes you pull on every string you can until you find yourself in a maze. No matter what you do, it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. You find yourself confused and trapped in a maze, trying to get out.

You fall deeper into thought wondering about how you became trapped in the first place. And it feels like you are being overwhelmed and imprisoned by someone you thought you loved. You may have anger and resentment building up inside you and you don’t know what to do with that. It feels like no matter what you do, whether you scream or cry a river or stay silent and sit in a corner, it’s all the same.

And so many emotions build up while you’re in this maze. There are emotions that you need to deal with and triggers in every corner you turn to. You will go through sweat and tears, denial and setbacks. You will probably feel like your life is ending right before and after you hit a breaking point.

But if you keep going, you hit a turning point. And finally, you begin to head in a direction that will get you out of the maze.

You will feel like you don’t know where you are and how you got to a new place. But you’ll find yourself and start over. Because you will realize that you had what it takes and more than enough to move forward in the first place.

Sometimes the most painful heartbreak is the kind that involves loving someone who blocked your vision. Love can blind you. Sometimes the most painful heartbreak is the kind that involves loving someone who burned a bridge you worked so hard to build. And you will feel like you lost everything you worked hard for.

But the reality is, everything you worked hard for and everything that hurt you along the way helped you find you.

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Sometimes Heartbreak Helps You Find Yourself
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