Hold On

girl at an amusement park, still you hold on

Keep arms and legs inside of the ride at all times.
But this is a dream,
And I am the ride. 

As I embark on my journey to the top of the tracks,
I  feel nothing but joy.
The smile on my face widened even more by the ever growing wind. 

I  am free.
I  am in control.
I  will not fall off the tracks.

And then,
Right before I  reach the top,
As if I’ve celebrated too soon,
I slip. 

My hand catches the track before my world collapses forever,
And as I hang between two worlds, I wonder.
Would it be so bad to let go?

You never quite make it to the top anyways.
Always so close,
Yet never failing to lose momentum right upon arrival.

Letting go would be easy after so many failed trips to the top.
Letting go would release you at last.
Letting go would finally allow you to be free. 

But your dream does not allow it.
Your dream pulls you back on to the tracks and wills you to finish what you’ve started.
You oblige and become the ride once more.

Only moments away from finally reaching the top,
the feeling of freedom and control return,
The sense of accomplishment already filling your soul.

And then the brakes come to a halting stop,
And you are stationary.
In your bed.
Woken up by the harsh reality of a dream being just that. 

But a dream is not only a dream.
And that ride was not only a ride.
And you will remember your trip on the tracks as a lasting reminder. 

You will hold on and never let go.
You will reach the top.
You will be free

Hold On

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