How To Become Fully Conscious

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The initial step to changing things in your life is to change the way you think. And trust me that it is not going to be easy — but it is something that we all want — but most of us have never invested the time and energy to do so.

The traumatic and painful experiences that you’ve had are the ones that are stopping you. Those experiences, whether from life itself or other people, created these stories in your head that you are unworthy, not enough, not lovable enough, not smart enough, and the list goes on.

Now, the problem with this is that you’ve started to believe it. Then it has become your pattern of thinking because you have been unconsciously repeating it in your head. It has become your go-to thoughts when you go through life. And every single day you are unconsciously looking for proofs for these beliefs because your mind simply needs justifications.

The best way to change this is to have awareness — and this is your reminder that your mind has been messing up with you and you probably didn’t even realize it.

Listen, your unconscious mind is where all your habits and programs are. And that it includes all destructive behaviors and patterns of thinking that you have trained yourself over and over again.

So one of the powerful things that you can do to change this and increase your awareness is to write these things down. Write all the negative things that you say to yourself. And by doing this, you can now have the actual map and courageously face and refrain all of these narratives. You may also find out that some of your triggers come from the people in your life — and now is the time to draw boundaries or completely leave.

This strategy of writing it down will help you to activate your conscious mind to drive your focus on living every moment of your life with intentions.

You may have to do this thousand times again — but remember that this is you owning and being the driver of your life. Because the truth is, you are not a victim nor a product of all the chaos and pain that you’ve gone through. This is your reminder that it is time to slowly let go of what happened — and start appreciating the fact that you have made it through.

When you take charge of your mind your life will start to change.

You deserve to live a better life. You deserve to wake up most days and feel good about yourself — but that will require you to decide if where or not you will continue tolerating these habits again and again. You have to decide that you will put an end to this and start a new, clean, and fresh chapter of your life.

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How To Become Fully Conscious
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