How To Declutter Your Life

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We live in a world where the more we have (more things, more people around us, more money, etc.) the better. Unfortunately, though, this is a lie rooted in consumerism. . . and it’s just not healthy. Whether you identify with these words and want to make a change, or you are simply looking to declutter your life to improve your mental health and productivity, here are some suggestions (and reasons why you should).

Start By Downsizing Your Life

One of the easiest (and yet most challenging) things to do when it comes to decluttering your life is to take a look at the things and objects that are holding you back. Are you someone who holds onto duplicate items because you’re scared you’ll break the original? Do you keep empty boxes in case you change your mind and return an item? Do you keep things from years and years ago because you have a hard time throwing anything away? Critically evaluate yourself and your habits and start by downsizing in the smallest ways.

As you start to eliminate the ‘extras’ you’ll find that you need these things less and less.

Host A Yard Sale

Sometimes it feels overwhelming to have so much stuff and not know how you’re going to get rid of it. Or, it’s hard to part ways with items that you know you paid a good chunk of change for. If you’re struggling with either of these things, then think about hosting a yard sale! A yard sale is an easy way to sell what you have without jumping through hoops or getting frustrated trying to re-sell at a second-hand shop.

If you have never done a yard sale before, there are lots of yard sale tips and tricks that you might want to be aware of in order to make sure that it goes well. Just remember that while you can make some money, you won’t make as much money back as you originally paid. (This is good to keep in mind to keep expectations at a reasonable level).

Consider Some External Storage

There’s no shame in having a lot of stuff. After all, we all have different sentimental value attached to our items and there’s no pressure to get rid of things on a specific timeline. That being said, investing in some external storage can help you not only have more room at home, but it can take the weight off of your shoulders as far as having enough space. And, if expanding your space is the main thing that you are hoping to achieve, then you might not really need to get rid of anything at all. You can, instead, just find some external storage to keep your items until the future.

Take A Look At Your Mindset

If you’re looking to declutter your life, a lot of this comes down to your process and acknowledgement of what’s really happening. It’s important to look at your mindset and see if there’s anything to work on and/or change as far as your hoarding habits, inability to let go of items, and/or willingness to stay ‘stuck’ in the past (which could all be impacting the amount of ‘stuff’ you have or hold onto).

Again, there’s no shame, it’s just important to recognize the truths in order to make changes happen.


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How To Declutter Your Life
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