How To Find Beauty In The Everyday

beauty in the everyday

We tend to think of beauty as something to look at, like appreciating a lovely sky or having the Instagram-worthy capture. But consciously deciding to enjoy all beautiful things—whether that’s something you’ve seen, experienced, or felt—and whether that’s large or small, can help you keep peace with yourself. It is entirely possible to find beauty in the everyday; sometimes we just have to be more intentional about finding (and appreciating) it.

How to Find Beauty in the Everyday

If you want to change your mindset and perspective, the first thing to do is mentally open yourself up to finding beauty, even in mundane things. When you do this, you’ll actively recognize moments of peace or loveliness, and take advantage of them when they come (whereas before you may have passed them by completely).

You can do this in the simplest of ways, for example, making an effort to go outside every day and notice something beautiful about nature and celebrating it. Making an effort to take in your surroundings or focus on what you feel can help you feel more grounded, steady, and happier with your day-to-day life.

How to Appreciate the Small Things in Life

So many of us get caught up in thinking that beautiful moments have to be grand or significant, but by focusing on the wonders of the day-to-day, you’ll find precious moments far more often than you think.

Nature is a reliable source! Whether that’s a sunrise or a lovely tree, or even harsher elements like wind on your face or being caught in the rain can be beautiful when approached in the right way. However, it doesn’t all have to rely on the natural world. Loving your outfit of the day or treating yourself to a desert can also be a source of joy.

Even something dark like death can be beautiful. If you’re finding it particularly hard to find beauty on a specific day, then go for a walk/move your body, read, journal, take a nap, or pick up the phone and call someone you love to reset.

How to Keep Peace with Yourself

When we focus on the things we’re grateful for, we’re less likely to be focused on the things that make us feel sad, angry, or frustrated. (That doesn’t mean that having negative feelings is wrong, and you shouldn’t suppress those feelings when they appear). However, it does mean that you can focus again on what is good once you’ve processed being sad or annoyed. 

Learning to find beauty in the everyday isn’t easy, even if it seems like it should be.

It takes effort to actively watch out for and appreciate small things that bring you joy. The more you practice this, however, the easier it will become, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself more appreciative, more at peace, and in wonder of your own life.

How To Find Beauty In The Everyday
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