Let Go And Leave The People Who Deflate You

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“I think it’s better to be alone but alive than trying to fit in and feeling dead inside.”

You have to slowly understand that you can’t make everyone like you — and that doesn’t change anything about you. Listen, you have a choice whoever you want to be around and with.

You can let go and leave those who deflate you — and choose those people who lift your spirit and stir something good inside you.

“You will never live fully expressed, happy, and alive, until you decide to prioritize yourself.”

I think that one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this year. I’ve learned that it’s okay if they don’t like you, but still, continue living and pursuing your heart’s desires anyway. I’ve learned that you don’t have to stay if you’re not needed anymore. You don’t have to keep coming back to a place where you are negotiating every piece of you — and you don’t have to be scared of living and walking alone.

I’ve learned that sometimes it’s hard to move forward because of the weight of people on you. Sometimes having boundaries isn’t about continuing to meet people and spend a little time with them. Sometimes having boundaries is leaving and permanently cutting them from your life.

No matter how hard it is, sometimes you have to choose better people because you deserve better relationships that help you to become a better you.

The moment you find the courage to let go and leave, trust me that it will feel uncomfortable because nobody has ever taught you that in life. Somehow you will feel like something is wrong with you — but don’t forget that life is short to be with those who make you feel like you’re settling.

“You can spend the rest of your life fighting the same battle every day, or you can start the journeying and learning how to let people and things go because you deserve to be free.”

Remember this, you will never find the people you’re supposed to be with when you keep staying in this dysfunctional relationship(s) you’re in.

You cannot numb yourself to this and continue to show up for these people. Maybe doing is going to be uncomfortable or even painful — but just bear in mind that you are doing this for yourself, for your growth, and for your own peace of mind.

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Let Go And Leave The People Who Deflate You
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