Let This Be Your Year

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Let yourself be happy.

Life is short, so do not make it shorter by fretting over things that sabotage your happiness. There are things beyond our control, like people who cannot love us back, and dreams that seem so far away, but these harrowing experiences do not mean your story is over. Break the toxic pattern of thinking that hinders you from being happy at your present state. Happiness is in your hands and it is boundless. Live every moment with a happy heart, even if you slip or stumble because this will mold you into a better, stronger version of yourself.

Let yourself get over the past.

Shake off the thoughts that creep up on you at night. Stop beating yourself up for the mistakes you have made. Pick yourself up from heartbreak, lies, failures, regrets, and lost opportunities. Face the mirror and wipe your tears because what matters is today. There will be residual feelings from people and things that were once part of your life and that is normal. Let the memories and lessons of the past bring out the best in you and continue moving forward with optimism for what the future holds.

Let yourself heal.

Everybody feels used and rejected. Everybody feels lost and down. And everybody feels vulnerable at times, and that is okay. But remember that you have God, your family, your true friends, your goals and aspirations, you have all of life’s amazing gifts. You can start rebuilding yourself. As you collect your broken pieces and rise every time you fall, you will be in awe on how you are able to survive bumpy roads. Do not let the scars of your past consume you, but instead, look deep inside you. You will find that shining courage to live for those who truly love you and for the good times waiting around the corner.

Let yourself take things slowly.

Breathe in, breathe out. Never make rash decisions because you might end up hurting yourself or another person. Do not rush to fall in love just because you are scared to be lonely. Do not hurry to get promoted because you will have your time. And never think that you are running out of chances and options because in reality, you are not. No matter how cloudy or stormy the weather is, the sun will always shine. You will reach that moment. You will have your turn. And you will get what you deserve and what is rightfully yours.

Let yourself believe that good things will happen.

Wherever you are right now, remember that you are not alone. There is a reason you are facing battles and struggles, but these challenges should not stop you from believing that blessings are bound for you. Amid the hurt and pain, have faith and welcome tomorrow. You will see how you magnetize positivity around you and be astonished that your wishes are already in your hands.

Let this be your year.


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Let This Be Your Year

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