This Is The Life You Deserve (A Letter To My Younger Self)

girl sticking out tongue happy

You deserve to enjoy your naivety.

You deserve to keep chasing your fanatical dreams which seem unsavory to the rest of the world.

You deserve to relentlessly think that you’ll always have a grinning face as you go through life, come what may.

You deserve to vigorously cherish your singularity in a world of individuals that grow looking up to public figures and end up losing sight of their own sparks.

You deserve to keep hunting all the things you admire to failure, over and over again until your appetite is satisfied.

You deserve to believe in the leverage of happiness, and the love of a family, and the beauty of friendship, and the benevolence of divinity.

You deserve to be loved, fiercely and softly.

But you also deserve liberty, of choosing your life and the lucky people you share it with.

You deserve happiness.

Don’t you dare settle for anything less than that.

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