Love Begins With Strangers

two strangers looking at plants and falling in love one day

Stranger in the light

Willing to risk it all

Stranger in the dark

Waiting for nothing at all.

Stranger in the light

Traversing left and right

Finding that one missing piece

A promise of true love’s kiss.

Carrying a selfless and giving heart

Every day is a choice to restart

Searching the farthest amidst pain

Tired but dashing through the rain.

Stranger in the dark

Weeping alone in the park

Picking up the shattered pieces

Of empty words and broken kisses.

Despite a selfless and giving heart

The story goes but falls apart

Yesterday’s borrowed lovely memories

Scattered like fallen debris.

Stranger in the light

Breathing between truth and lies.

Stranger in the dark

Mistreated as cold as ice.

In the most unexpected way

These strangers will meet one day

Their hearts still beat for a reason

A genuine feeling in all seasons.

This time love is not taken for granted

Nor presence is unappreciated

Heartbreaks will no longer matter

Yes, it is a happily ever after.

Featured Image Credit: TONL

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Love Begins With Strangers

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