Love Is In Your Heart, Protect It With Your Mind

person holding heart above their head

All the answers to the questions about love are in your heart.

That might not make sense because heartbreak can feel devastating. How can heartbreak be the answer? It may not make sense at first, but in time, the grief fades. And the memories of time you spent with the person(s) you love will become a feeling of melancholy. Sometimes the melancholy will awaken as one rainy evening you walk down a neighbourhood sidewalk and pass by a couple holding hands.

Because you will realize that the meaning of love is feeling it when seeing it.

There’s a shine in the eyes of couples in love when they are together. When lovers hold hands and lean on each other, it’s a sight that explains more than words can. It explains how you feel about love too.

Mistakes that cost you grief and lessons that cause realizations are part of learning while living. When you love someone your heart reserves room for that person. Especially, if you are devoted to him/her, it can be difficult to let go when need be. For this reason, some people seek therapy. Therapy assists with utilizing our thinking skills and opening our minds. You may be open-minded but it can be challenging to think outside of reservoirs in your heart.

But when you do, you will find a new world of light and hope.

Letting go is a learning process that guides you to opening doors and closing the ones that are not serving you.

In order to really heal, you must understand your emotions. Feelings that rise to your heart or that are buried in your core can be very difficult to deal with. It takes tears, time and energy for your heart and mind to develop an agreement regarding love. Do not allow anyone to minimize your feelings and influence you to shut them down. People who care about you will take the time and effort to understand you when you need to express your emotions. First and foremost, though, take all the time and effort you need to do that for yourself.

And do not make way for anyone who makes you feel like a puzzle broken into pieces. Help yourself think through and sort out all the questions about how you feel. You will be surprised by how many answers are already within you.

Life is a learning journey. You may or may not discover that all you need to know, but remember love is in your heart.

And remember that your mind plays a crucial role in protecting your heart. Your mind is the power centre of your actions and biological processes.

Therefore, it makes sense that what we do is stronger than what we say (actions speak louder than words.) The way we handle and react to situations and/or problems is a reflection of who we are. So get to know your heart well, protect it with your mind and love yourself in the process. As you grow and strengthen, you will find the answers, like love itself, are in your heart.

Featured Image Credit: Cerys Lowe

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Love Is In Your Heart, Protect It With Your Mind
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