There Is Magic In You

woman holding hair, there is magic in you

You have a heart that loves genuinely.

You have a heart that has always been shown to people, even if you are hurting.
A heart that loves so timelessly.
And a heart that shines and gives warmth in the cold – that is the magic in you.

You have the grace to light the darkest of corners.

The kind of light that illuminates paths of the lost.
Light that becomes a torch so bright and full to give hope.
And the light that builds love and kindness in the middle of chaos.

You have the positivity to look beyond life’s imperfections.

You have positivity that radiates from deep within your core.
The positivity that translates in the beauty of your smile.
And the positivity that draws people closer to you for inspiration.

You have the courage to face the unknowns.

Courage that motivates you to live fully even with life’s uncertainties.
The courage that teaches you let go of the things that cause you so much pain and trouble.
And the courage that inspires you to remain steadfast in this temporary world.

You have the strength to overcome obstacles that come your way.

Strength that comes from a strong mind, heart, and soul.
The strength that invigorates you to stand up and move forward when you hit rock bottom.
And the strength that pushes you to continue amidst bumpy roads.

You have the resilience to cope with stress and hardships.

The resilience that enables you to bounce back from your struggles faster and stronger.
Resilience that boosts your inner strength in the face of adversity.
And the resilience that rebuilds your life after falling apart.

You have the perseverance to reach for your dreams.

The perseverance that uplifts you from stagnation.
Perseverance that urges you to strive better with your vision, goals, and God-given talents.
And the perseverance that propels you to pursue your passion and turn your dreams into reality.

You have the potential for greatness.

The potential that creates positive change in the society even in your simple ways.
Potential to serve as a role model of goodwill.
And the potential that will make you survive and thrive in today’s ever-changing environment.

You have vulnerabilities that make you human.

The vulnerabilities that challenge you to become better and work harder.
Vulnerabilities that teach you to move past discomforts.
And the vulnerabilities that make you a beautiful masterpiece.

You have the ability to make your life fulfilling.

The ability to build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.
And the ability to make the best and the most in every aspect of your life.

That is the magic in you.

Featured Image Credit: Hannah Gullixson

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There Is Magic In You
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