7 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Appreciated

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We all strive to be in relationships where we feel validated, right? But honestly, we love differently (both giving and receiving). And sometimes it’s hard to know how to make your partner feel appreciated. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for months, years, or just met your significant other on one of the best dating sites, it’s essential to keep the embers of your love burning by learning how to make your partner feel valued and loved.

When thinking of different ways to make your partner feel appreciated, your first thought may be to plan an expensive holiday or buy unique gifts. However, spending bucket loads of cash is not the only way to connect. You can express your love and affection with small gestures. The most important thing is that you make your partner feel appreciated consistently (and in ways that he/she connect with and value).

  1.  Start By Asking Your Partner What He/She Needs

The first step in strengthening your relationship is to use communication.

Have you ever thought about how marital satisfaction works for men and women? While marital satisfaction is ranked high for men, the same isn’t true for women. This is why men are usually surprised when the women in their lives ask them for a separation or a divorce. Men and women have different expectations and needs in a relationship. Therefore, it’s essential that you ask your significant other if they feel appreciated in the relationship.

Doing this will help you understand better whether their needs are being met and what you can do to fix or remedy a potentially painful situation. If your significant other says he/she doesn’t feel valued, then asking these questions is a great way to connect deeper and make necessary changes. 

  2.  Consider Your Partner’s Love Language

One of the easiest ways to identify how you can support your partner (in the way he/she needs) is to focus on love language.

We all have different love languages. They are acts of service, giving gifts, physical touch, words of affirmation, and spending quality time. If you want to make your partner feel appreciated, you should consider their love language rather than demonstrating you love them in a way you understand.

Think about the things your partner does to make you feel loved. Do they hit the mark or miss the landing? If they hit the mark, it’s because they know your love language. Your sweet love may not appreciate acts of service if their love language is words of affirmation.

3. Do Regular Check-Ins 

Sometimes, couples are overtaken by life events and forget to check in with their partners. During this time of social distancing, couples spend more time together and don’t consider that discussing their different needs is essential for a happy, healthy relationship.

To make your partner feel loved, consider asking him/her what is needed or preferred. If you’ve been accompanying them for an early morning walk, maybe they’ll appreciate being by themselves. Once a couple is clear about their need for space, they are more likely to live harmoniously. If you’ve had prior arrangements that gave each of you the space you needed, now might be time to ask if the arrangement still works.  

4. Listen To Them When They’re Speaking

Listening (FULLY listening) shows that you are committed to making the relationship work. One way you can make your partner feel appreciated is by remaining engaged while they speak to you. In this case, it’s not only your eyes that should be engaged but your body language, too. Ensure that your whole body is turned to them and focus on them entirely. You should acknowledge what they’re saying by responding thoughtfully and nodding when you agree. This shows that you value what they are saying to you.

5. Consider Giving A Special Gift Or Service

You don’t have to give expensive gifts to make your partner feel loved. Thoughtful gifts such as their favorite drink, food, or a shirt in their favorite color will go a long way. If the gift you give them will remind them of happy memory, more points to you. 

You can also give in other ways, for example, by doing something like chores. Rather than delegating responsibilities, you might want to conquer the burden as a unit. Doing things (like house chores) together will make your partner feel appreciated and ensure both of you feel good about what you’re achieving. It will also create reciprocity and validation in the relationship and help you bond together. 

6.  Make A Special Effort

It’s easy for couples to forget about each other’s needs. While dressing in a t-shirt and sweat pants is one of the most comfortable ways to live (not to mention it’s a pandemic!) you can show appreciation for your partner by dressing up or putting more effort into time spent together. For example, dress up for dinner (even if you don’t have anywhere to go!) or ask them to dress up to set the mood.

Not only will your partner love the effort, but you will also feel good.

Bottom line — relationships require work to last, and learning how to make your partner feel appreciated is one thing you must do to have a balanced relationship.

How do you show love to your partner? Share in the comments below!


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7 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Appreciated
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