How To Champion Mental Health In Your Workplace

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As a business leader, founder, or CEO, you have a certain duty to make sure that the people who work for (and with!) you are both happy and healthy. There is obviously only a certain amount that you can do on this front, but nonetheless, it is something that falls under your list of leadership responsibilities. And, when you champion mental health within your organization, you will find that this not only boosts company moral, but overall output, too.

From learning to prioritize openness to taking care of your own needs and the needs of others, here are some suggestions to transform your business (for the better).

1. Look After Yourself

It might sound funny, but the more you look after yourself, the more likely it is that the people around you will have better mental health, too. In a sense, this is because you are showing that it’s important to do that, and it helps to encourage a culture where this is talked about and taken seriously.

That alone can make a huge difference! So, when you begin to put your own needs first (in a healthy way, of course), create boundaries, and improve work-life balance for yourself, it will help others to do the same. You set the tone and others will follow.

2. Pay Attention To People

If you are paying close enough attention, people will tell you when there is something going on for them – even if they don’t actually use their words to do so. The more that you pay attention to the people in your workplace, the sooner (and earlier!) you will spot any mental health troubles that appear to be going on. This way, you can offer support or intervention early. Or, be more aware and simply ask them if they are okay and need any help.

3. Offer Help

Offering help is one of the best things you can do as a business leader, and it is the kind of thing that people will generally really appreciate and respect you for. They might not be used to their employers offering help, so if you are able to do this, you should find that you are able to champion their mental health a lot more effectively. You might be able to recommend certain mental health treatment centers for them they might want to try (carefully and gently, of course!), or simply allow them a break if things are becoming too much. It all helps.

4. Raise Awareness

In general, you should aim to raise awareness around issues to do with mental health in your organization. The more effectively you do this, the more that people will feel you are providing a good space. Not only will they feel confident that they can seek out help when needed, but they will be empowered to express themselves, too. All of that is really important for creating an inclusive workspace, so it’s vital that you do whatever you can to raise awareness of mental health, wellness, and self-care.


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How To Champion Mental Health In Your Workplace
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