This Is For The Ones Away From Home

sad person looking down when you miss people it hurts

I know you miss your life way back home. You wake up early because you want to get ahead of the rest of the family members who are going to work as well. You eat one of your favorite breakfast combinations – hotdog and egg with the smell of the garlic fried rice lingering around the dining area. It’s a Monday so you better not be late.

And once your typical working day is done, you step out the building’s premises and head home happily.

I know you miss people, miss your family so much and they miss you too. On weekdays, you’re excited to rush home after work to lay on the sofa and converse with them. During weekends, you and your fam go to mass, eat out and shopping. Lucky you: Messenger, Skype, and other applications are readily available for download. You can communicate with them anytime and anywhere you want.

I know you miss your workplace. The minute you sit down in front of the computer, your work flows like a waterfall. You draft activity proposals, official documents, and other articles alongside your co-workers. You attend planned and even sudden meetings, one after the other. Working beyond office hours is not new to you but you enjoy it because you love what you do.

I know you miss people that mattered, like your friends who have not talked to you for months. They’re just busy and you know that. I know you miss the conversations, jokes, and dramas. Soon, you’ll be seeing each other and talk anything under the sun. For now, pray for them and wish them well.

I know you miss yourself, the happy person you are. I know you’re a shoulder to lean on especially to your friends who have rants either their personal issues or work-related concerns. But now, you find yourself staring at the gloomy sky and feel your tears rolling down your eyes.

I’ll not stop you from crying because you need it. Crying is not a sign of weakness.

Crying is an implication that you know your limits instead of hiding behind false pretenses that you’re doing fine.

Stop being hard on yourself by completely entrenching to things that make you sad and subdued. I heard you before saying that there are a lot of reasons to be happy and you’re absolutely right.

Get rid of the weight that hinders you to move forward and wear that smile again. For once, let go of everything and see what stays. And whatever it is, these are the things that are truly meant for you to carry you throughout the journey.

It’s okay to miss people, but your journey should not be a burden, but a blessing that you should be grateful for and enjoy.

You know for a fact that not everybody is given that amazing opportunity to discover new possibilities, explore new places, and meet new people, right?

If you miss people, it’s normal. But remember, you will still see them soon.

Time does fly fast and without you noticing, you only have few hours left to shop for buying presents for them. Wonderful surprises await you in your journey and it’s exciting. For now, learn as much as you can and find time to have fun because after everything that you’ve been through, one day you’ll say this, “I made it.”

This Is For The Ones Away From Home
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