My War on Depression

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After cleaning up the mess from the war on depression, I believe that I’m blessed, not cursed to be alive. That’s the closest I feel towards happiness.

Depression is not a choice to suffer with, it’s a mental/psychological condition that’s very dark and cold.

Finding happiness is not impossible, but it can feel that way for people who suffer from depression. Because from the start the numbness seeps through the heart. It feels like a foreign substance is secretly traveling through your bloodstream, wreaking havoc on your emotional and mental health. Sometimes there are dark thoughts, memories, and ideas that lurk through your mind. These taint the hopes, dreams, and passions that you’ve had.

You might want to climb mountains, run in the rain, plant a garden and feel life’s little but beautiful milestones, but you can’t. And you wonder why every step forward takes you three steps back. The truth is, depression keeps you from reaching your highest potential.

But depression doesn’t have to own you.

If you fight and never give up on yourself, you’ll find a way to beat this serious condition. You can find your own way to detox and flush the poisons of pain from your heart.

Depression imprints on your soul, like a cloud that begins to leave streaks of grey in the sky. It’s as though it calls on more clouds to join, forming darker streaks. It’s as though a darkness hangs over your flowers, every day, like they’re planted in you. And you cannot rip the roots without tearing yourself apart.

Depression is an enemy to life but, what’s worse is its allies are masked as friends.

Some people are crueler than depression. Some people will encourage you to listen to the self-doubt that your mind gives you. They can make you believe the negative thoughts. While depression makes you feel like a burden, some people will make you feel that way too. While depression makes you hate yourself, some people will hate you, too. And that makes the battle harder for you.

If you are involved with the wrong people while facing a mental health condition, you could be sliding on thin ice.

There will be times when you feel weaker and more worthless than ever. And those are the times that you will be clueless to reality. The reality is you are befriending and defending what and/or who is hurting you when you have surrendered to it. The dimmed light on this matter is that there’s medication for depression, but it doesn’t always work alone.

As for the people who serve you negativity, there is no pill to heal that. However, there are methods and gradual steps to take in order to gain control of your health.

Not allowing others to have the power to put you down is a learning process.

Those who want to help you will tell you to be positive, but it’s not easy. Loving someone who is not good for you can be one of the most confusing and difficult things in the world. But when you learn to love yourself, you will realize what you need. And gradually, you can build the confidence to do what you can and to take better care of yourself.

We live in a world where skepticism is in the air we breathe.

Once in a while, there’s no escape from beating yourself up over something that ails you. Something like depression causes damage that’s done and feels heavy. The help you need may be more than therapy and medication. There’s spiritual healing that can play a crucial role for your soul. Spiritual healing allows you to inhale positive energy, such as self-reassurance and exhale negative energy, such as skepticism.

If you follow through with successful treatment for depression, the feeling of empowerment is most rewarding.

Because you will be able to control more of your life. It will feel like you’re bulletproof. You’ll learn to cross obstacles, one by one. And breathing will feel light and free. People who find true happiness after depression are very fortunate, but it’s all slow and painful progress.

After cleaning up the mess from the war on depression, I believe that I’m blessed, not cursed to be alive. That’s the closest I feel towards happiness.

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My War on Depression
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