To The Ones Who Need To Heal

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To the abandoned: cry if you must but after that, pick yourself up. Yes, being separated from someone you love or being left without a word is traumatizing but it is not the end of your world. Whether it is a break up or death of a loved one, do not let the pain of chronic loss eat you alive. Living with the fear of abandonment is like a living hell and you are missing the good things around you because of this negative behavior.

Work through your emotions to overcome this fear because when one door closes, another one opens.

To the brokenhearted: cry if you must, but after that, pick yourself up. Yes, the memories you shared with that person are still lingering on but do not dwell on it so much. Break free from the past because it is done. The shattered pieces of your heart do not define how you love because you knew you gave it your all and it was genuine. Despite the pain it caused you, you are still capable of loving even if you do not feel it as of the moment.

To the ignored: cry if you must but after that, pick yourself up. Yes, you have been a good friend but are they? You always try to mend your friends’ broken spirits but when you need them the most, they are gone. When you feel like being disregarded or used despite valuing them like a family, be grateful for the circumstances because you are only being redirected to real friends who value everything about you.

To the rebound: cry if you must but after that, pick yourself up. Yes, you thought everything with that person was perfect but you never had a label. You loved deeply, you cared too much, and you were always there until none was left for you. It is time to wake up that you deserve better, something more than a temporary fix for someone’s previous relationship or future needs.

You will always be more than enough despite your imperfections and that is what makes you beautiful.

To those taken for granted: cry if you must but after that, pick yourself up. Yes, that person failed to make you a priority. You have a heart that invests so much in all kinds of relationships but always end up treated like crap. Maybe at this point, they really cannot see your worth because you are too much for them – your time and efforts. Think about yourself before they came into your life. You are an amazing person and worthy of true love.

To all the ones who need to heal: what is happening is just an episode of your life that you have to get through. Your story does not revolve around hurt and pain because there are good people and good things that create colorful moments. Losing does not mean you have lost your way, but a message that you have to move forward and wait for the answers to your prayers.

Learn from the experiences that made you cry. Thank God for what you have right now and take every second of your life worthwhile with blessings bestowed upon you because this is the beginning of your happiness.

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To The Ones Who Need To Heal

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