An Open Letter To The Second Choice

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I know you’re at the park right now, taking photos of the surroundings and selfies with your brightest smile. But you can’t hide from me. I know what’s going on; I know how you feel.

I know you’re bruised because you keep on expecting that one day, this person will treat you as good as the way you treat them. You know you can’t put the blame on anybody else because that’s who you are and what you do. That’s how you value and give time to people around you.

You make them a part of your priorities and yet, you end up being hurt.

I know you’re tired because you keep reaching out to this person who doesn’t even check on you. I know you asked if this person was okay, though you knew you wouldn’t get a response. You’ve tried to be patient, making excuses for how busy this person is.

I know you’re broken because you keep on believing that this person is a true friend even if it feels like you’re lying to yourself. I know you made a promise to each other that whatever happens, you’ll always be true friends.

But now it seems like you’re total strangers.

I know you’re crying inside because you don’t want the friendship you have to be compromised. You want this person to remember the ups and downs you got through together. You want to make millions of memories with this person because the world stops turning around when you’re with each other.

But to this person and to the eyes of many, none of this matters because from the very start, you were the second choice.

Everything that has happened between the two of you is simply a collection of borrowed memories. You know you’re not supposed to be the one walking side by side with this person, but still you gave it all.

But at the end of the day, you have no regrets because those moments made your eyes twinkle in the morning and your face blush before bedtime.

And you know what, I know how much you love this person to the point that you forgot that you also have a heart. And that’s not healthy. Right now, the wounds are still healing and that’s fine. Let your heart rest for a while and look forward to a new tomorrow every time you wake up.

Allow yourself to appreciate and embrace all the wonders life has in store for you while the shattered pieces of your heart become whole again.

Stop chasing. You’re not the second choice, and shouldn’t have to be.

You’ve said your piece, you’ve done your part, you’ve given your all, so forgive yourself and be happy for better days ahead. Because in time, the billion pieces of your shattered heart will be put together by someone who is meant to stay in your life. And this time, until forever, you’re the only choice.

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An Open Letter To The Second Choice

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