Liam Xavier | Partner at Be A Light Collective

Liam Xavier, Partner at Be A Light Collective

Liam Xavier

Liam Xavier is a British-Caribbean author, playwright, performer and producer based in London. He has published three collections of poetry: Whispers To The World (2018), Welcome To Hell (2020), How Love Begins (2021).

Liam is an avid mental health advocate and has several bylines across various self-help publications from Thought Catalog to Be A Light and more. He also co-owns a theatre company called Wiflen Theatre.

You can learn more about Liam on his website.

Mental Health Articles by Liam Xavier

mental health

Articles on mental health awareness, advocacy, and inspiration despite challenges. 


Articles on overcoming roadblocks, finding confidence and strength, and becoming your best self.

Creative Articles by Liam Xavier


Articles on business, creative, writing/poetry and being a creative person in a media-driven world.

“To heal is often to hurt too, but it lasts far shorter and the softness that comes a result is far stronger than any pain.”

— Liam Xavier


Through use of his distinctive style of poetry and personal essays, Liam provides a collection of sensually delicate and image rich words to reignite your passion for Love.


Liam Xavier’s debut poetry and prose collection, moulded from emotions and trauma and inviting readers to realise the healing power of all feeling.


Join self-help writer Liam Xavier as he narrates the journey from adolescent to adult in a series of poems and prose that seek to shed a little optimism on a confusing time in life.

mental health mondays

Conversations about everything related to mental health, mindset, self-awareness, self-love, healing, and overcoming obstacles.

In this bi-weekly Instagram Live Series, #MentalHealthMondays, Liam Xavier joins Marisa Donnelly in heartfelt and vulnerable conversation. 

Mental Health Mondays

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