Please Remember This: You Matter

person sitting realizing that you matter

You matter. Where there are thousands of people making going about their lives on the street, you standing still in the middle of it all, you matter.

In the world of hue and cry, wherein each day is a new fight to survive and to survive better, you may often find yourself at a vulnerable spot. Maybe it feels as if there’s nowhere to hide, nobody to look up to. A whirlwind of suppressed emotions may hang you out to dry in the haze of drunken hours. The deafening silence and your existence may seem meaningless.

In that moment, remind yourself how big a part of the universe you are and how badly the world needs you.

Make a point to uphold even the tiniest moments of fulfillment in your daily life that only keep you going stronger, wiser and better. Hold them and wear them high. Never let anybody take away your mettle, your way of life because you are as unique as you will be. The universe knows it. Why don’t you?

Quit trying to make sense of everything that happens to you. Rather, let life unfold and show you its miracles and lessons. Sometimes it becomes too much. Sometimes it becomes too less. And it is in those moments, where you must learn to see above such uncertainties and move forward with renewed hopes and spirit.

Believe in yourself, in what you do, in what you want, in what you are.

And take a few moments every day to rejoice in your existence. Because in all of the worlds combined, if there’s anything that stands true no matter what, it is you, and that you matter.

You always will.

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Please Remember This: You Matter
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