The Poets, Givers And Survivors

poets givers and survivors, writing poetry

I: The Poets

They dive deep

into the depths of reality

face joy and agony

love so soothingly.

Writing poetry,

they rise back up

enabling their wild side

to be free

to be warriors

to all of humanity.

II: The Givers

They live in a world of their own.

Their own chaos, resisting pain,

trying to find their own peace,

battling a world that feels insane.

And the craziness outside their own

running in circles within their minds

like hopeless romantics

and dreamers of all kinds.

They hope to help others who feel torn

they’ve been flexible

since the day they were born.

III: The Survivors

They would cry an ocean

to drown negativity

wherever they go.

Those who are born to survive look for positivity

wherever they are,

they stretch for love

and carry strengths

to extreme lengths.

They have no fear

to rise to a higher level,

for they don’t play

by the games of the devil.

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The Poets, Givers And Survivors
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