Maybe Questioning Your Faith Is A Good Thing

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There is definitely a deep-rooted belief—in many societies, peer groups, and households—that inspecting your religion, asking questions about the basic tenets, and figuring out your relationship with your own faith might seem like a taboo topic. But the truth is, if your belief system is so weak that questioning your faith could break it. . . is that even faith at all?

Dedicated faith is not that fragile. Here are reasons why it’s actually good to ask questions and challenge it:

Questioning Your Faith Leads To Confidence

First of all, if you want to become any kind of spiritual leader or mentor, be it to your family, friends, or other peer groups, then you’re going to have to be confident in what you’re saying. Going over your beliefs and what you take away from your faith can help you be the light that you were meant to be.

Leaders have to be able to take questions and respond in a way that is healthy and encourages further dialogue and interest in the faith, and you can’t do that without taking a closer look at it, yourself.

You Will Gain A Far Deeper Understanding Of What You Believe

Faith doesn’t have to be an intellectual pursuit. Some people simply feel it with all of their heart (and there’s nothing wrong with living that way!) However, that’s not to say that learning more about your faith by means of something like Christian discipleship programs isn’t valuable, as well.

You can always reshape, strengthen, or gain better insight on the tough questions. Even if you don’t get all of the answers, you can at least elevate your own relationship with your faith and how it interfaces with your own life.

You Will Be More Flexible

There are people who believe that an unwavering, rigid approach to religion is what makes their faith strong. Indeed, it can be admirable to see someone with such a strong resolve. However, that kind of Christian certitude could potentially lead to disaster.

In many cases, it may simply need a disturbance or contradiction strong enough for the cracks to start appearing. The more rigid a faith is, the more brittle it might be, as well. Being able to inspect and question your faith allows you a certain degree of flexibility, so it’s not as easily broken. One thing that can help you explore your faith is asking questions. Connect with other believers in a life/Bible study group, explore other churches or places of faith, read reviews like these Living Church of God reviews to help you understand what different places think and practice, and above all, surround yourself with people of similar and different belief systems so that you can grow.

Questioning Leads To Answers For Difficult Questions

People of faith are often questioned, by both those who do and don’t share those beliefs. You might have already been asked some of those questions already, and you might have found yourself at a loss for an answer. However, by asking your questions and expressing your doubts, you can better understand where these questions come from and have answers that are confident or, at the very least, open to possibility.

Inspecting your faith is vital for anyone who wants to live honestly and to be able to proudly proclaim their beliefs, even to share them with those who might not share or agree with all of them.


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Maybe Questioning Your Faith Is A Good Thing
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