How I View Rainy Days

person holding umbrella on rainy day

While most people may dread rainy days, I have always found comfort in them. Watching tiny droplets of rain hit the ground has always calmed my nerves and made me feel whole. Ever since I was a kid, I loved the sound, feel, and overall mood of rain. To me, it feels like an excuse to stay in and not feel like I was missing out.

Rain made me feel like hey, I’m upset and that’s okay because the sky is crying too.

In a sense, storms have always validated my emotions and made me feel in tune with not only nature, but with myself as well.

It’s okay to sometimes not be okay, and as the weather outside mirrored the emotions I felt on the inside, there was clarity. An understanding of getting through the storm together.

Metaphorically speaking, I have had many storms in my life. Storms that never seemed to end or go easy on me. Roaring thrashes of anxiety and pain pouring in at every angle—I know what it’s like to feel helpless.

However, I always pushed through. I have survived one hundred percent of my worst days and I know I will overcome whatever obstacle may come next. You will too. Whatever storm that is dragging you down will eventually ease and come to an end. You will heal from whatever hardship you may be facing at this very moment. Don’t hide or run from it, just embrace it. Stand in the middle of it and let yourself feel vulnerable.

I challenge you to be in tune with it as well. Let yourself feel everything that you feel and before you know it, the storm will be over.

You will be on the other side questioning how you ever made it through and that will be the best feeling ever. Knowing you overcame your personal storm will be a type of accomplishment that you will be so very proud of. Cherish that moment.

The next time you face rainy days, look out the window. Take a peek outside and observe. Just be present in that very moment and feel what Mother Nature is presenting to you. Go through your personal storms with the one beautifully displayed out your window, you might just find an appreciation for rainy days.

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How I View Rainy Days

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