No Matter What You Go Through, Remember Your Worth

happy girl who is learning to remember your worth

You used to be afraid of all your scars and the undesirable circumstances you’ve been through. You used to think that you were not worthy of better things because at some point, you got used to the dark — and you thought that it was where you belonged.

You found yourself lost in your own shadow and trying to find your way out in this maze of pain and suffering. It felt like every single turn was just dragging you closer to drowning. But despite it all, you knew in your heart that this wasn’t it; you knew that there was a way out if you just kept looking.

Because the truth about life is that hard times will happen.

And maybe that is what living is, finding the courage to live even at your lowest point. Maybe that is what makes your life beautiful and meaningful, to try to breathe even when you are suffocating.

Trust me when I say that it is okay to start from here, in a place where you are still learning to walk again. Right here where your scars are still open because healing happens when you simply start.

You can start here, in a place where it feels dark, uncomfortable, and uncertain — just remember your worth and that you are capable.

Perhaps we go through hard times in order for us to see how brave we can be.

You have to give up this idea you can’t be anything because of what life made you feel or think about yourself. You have to let go of the belief that your life ends here, right behind the barricade of darkness. And you have to stop filling your life with all the self-defeating ideas that you have been repeating in your head.

Remember that you don’t need anyone to tell you that you are ready because the things that you have been through have already prepared you. Those things are proof that whatever comes your way, you are always capable of conquering it.

Remember that you don’t need anyone’s validation if you can because the fact that you made it here means that you always can.

It may sound futile — but you are not meant to be broken — nobody is. Remember your worth. And believe it or not, know that the reason you went through painful things is because you will need that strength for when things aren’t right, when life is unkind, and when it feels like hope is miles away.

You have all you need to get out of the dark. Your own life has already prepared you. The key is already in your hand—and you are just one decision away, one step from going after the things that you desire to happen.

Featured Image Credit: Andrea Vehige

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No Matter What You Go Through, Remember Your Worth
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